Abstract Drawing and Painting Online course – week 2 gallery

  • Colour as the predominant theme of an artwork
  • Exploring analogous, complimentary and monochromatic colour palettes

Here’s a selection of artwork and prepatory studies made by some artists taking part in the session.

Dieter – Complementary Red and Green
Acrylic on paper
Dieter – Analogous Orange and Yellow
Acrylic on paper
Dieter – Shades of Blue
Acrylic on paper

Vanda – Untitled
Watercolour pencil and acrylic pen

Vanda- Swirl
Watercolour pencils
Vanda – Sunburst
Acrylic and oil pastel
Chris – Leaves
Acrylic on paper
Chris – Shapes
Pastel on paper
Chris – Land and Sky
Watercolour on paper
Biba Hunjan – Pushing
Acrylic on paper
Biba Hunjan – The Chase
Acrylic on paper
Biba Hunjan – Surfacing 
Acrylic on paper
Joseph – Abstract Landscape I
Charcoal on paper
Joseph – Red-Orange Study
Watercolour pencil on paper
Maurice – Brecon Cathedral Detail
Acrylic on paper
Maurice – Complimentary Cityscape
Acrylic on paper
Maurice – Monochromatic Sunburst
Acrylic and charcoal collage
Pauline – Black Vase
Pauline – The End of the World- COVID-19
Mixed media on paper
Pauline – Climate Change
Charcoal on paper