Abstract Drawing and Painting Online course – week 8 gallery

  • Working with wetter painting techniques including drips, pouring, staining, lifting off and spraying…

Here’s a selection of artwork and prepatory studies made by artists taking part in the session.

Joseph- Joyful Dancing
Acrylic on paper

Joseph – Striated Figures
Ink on paper
Joseph – Sea Life
Pastel on paper
Chris – Yellow Oasis
Acrylic on paper
Chris – Glum
Pastel on paper
Chris – Is There A Way Out?
Charcoal and charcoal wash on paper
Maurice РPiranesi’s Dream
Ink sketch and pastel powder printing
Maurice – Vitruvian Man Breaks Out
Pastel powder print and felt tip with digital sketch
Maurice – Tower Bridge
Ink marbling on ink sketch
Pauline – Snow
Charcoal and acrylic on paper
Pauline – Thistle
Acrylic on paper
Pauline – Fire
Acrylic on paper
Dieter – Afterglow
Acrylic on paper
Dieter – Torii Gates
Acrylic on paper
Dieter – Encounter
Acrylic on paper