Abstract Drawing and Painting Online course – week 9 gallery

  • Working with alternative supports and ready-made marks and textures

Here’s a selection of artwork and prepatory studies made by some artists taking part in the session.

Pauline – Eruption
Acrylic on foil on paper
Pauline – Woods
Masking tape & acrylic on paper
Pauline – Spring
Acrylic and cling film on paper
Dieter – Wahnsinn
Graphite and soft pastels on rice paper
Dieter – Bubbles 
Mixed media collage with graphite and acrylic
Dieter – Vortex
Graphite and soft pastel on rice paper

Vanda – Untitled
Frottage collage

Vanda – Cockerel
Frottage on tracing paper

Chris – Sunset
Water colour (cling film applied)
Chris – Blodyn Melyn
Watercolour and wax on paper
Chris – Kipper
Watercolour on foil

Joseph – Christmas Virus
Charcoal, ink and Tipp-ex on paper

Joseph – Sea Fist
Pastel, charcoal and Tipp-ex on paper

Joseph – Street Crazy
Charcoal, Watercolour and Tipp-ex on paper

Maurice – “Believe there are no limits but the sky.” (Cervantes)
Foil applied acrylic and charcoal

Maurice – Bubble Wrapped Church. A Catharsis
Bubble wrap on charcoal and foil applied acrylic

Maurice – Against The Grain
Mixed media