Art Project course gallery No. 15

Art Project: Virtual Research Trip – The Ashmolean, Oxford

Our June monthly virtual research trip was at The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The world’s first university museum, The Ashmolean was first established in 1677, with the present building housing the collection opening in the 1840s. 2020 is a special year for the Ashmolean as it celebrates the 400th birthday of Elias Ashmole, who founded the museum.

The museum’s website has a mega 129,000 online records of its collection of artefacts, paintings, sculptures and textiles from all around the world. Some of the artists included in the collection include Ucello, Turner, Goya, Manet, Pisarro and Walter Sickert. At the time of the March lockdown, the Museum was hosting a major exhibition dedicated to the early work of Rembrandt – the Museum also owns a large number of Rembrandt’s etchings which have been touring the UK and Ireland.

Here’s a selection of artwork and prepatory studies made by some of the Art Project course artists taking part in the project.

Look out for another gallery of work coming soon…

Maurice Prendergast – Cat Goddess and Vase

Maurice Prendergast – Cat Goddess and Vase Triptych
Digital painting

Maurice Prendergast – Statues, Vases And Islamic Cloth
Ink with photograph background

Maurice Prendergast – Piranesi at the Hunt
Ink on paper

Paula – Seated Buddha, 5th or 6th Century, Nepal. Carved in grey stone schist. (After Standing Buddha in Ashmolean Museum)
Oil pastels and pencil on paper

Lynn Laws – Buddhist Art of Ghandara

Lynn Laws – Urban, after Louis Lozowick, from Cool Modernism Exhibition
Lynn Laws – Cascade (influenced by Vase with Waterfall over Rocks by Namikawa Yasuyuko)
Chris – Inspiration by Naoko Matsubora

Chris – Fun (After A.R. Penck)
Wax pastel

Chris – Fan

Chris – Saddle Back

Hilary – Mount Kyodai (Inspired by Mount Kyodai and the Moon Reflected in the Rice Fields at Sarashina. Ashmolean Museum)
Acrylic on paper
Harriet Hall – Greek Vase Friends
Ink and chalk on paper
Harriet Hall – Greek Vase Enemies
Ink on paper
Harriet Hall – Greek Vase Fashion
Ink on paper
Harriet Hall – Camouflage
Ink and newsprint on paper

Christie Archer – Striking Lady (Inspired by: Walter Sickert – The Lady in
the Gondola)

Vanda – Blended – based on heads in the sculpture collection
Acrylic on paper

Vanda – Passionflower and Moth – inspired by Lotus Flower and Dragonfly by Ren Xiong
Watercolour, acrylic and ink on paper

Tony Townshend – Outside The Ashmolean
Graphite on paper
Jill – Jeff Koons, Ballerina and Balloon Dog
Graphite and watercolour pencil on paper
Jill – Ennui. Apologies to Walter Sickert. Boredom in lockdown

Media not stated
Dieter – The Rialto (after Charles Holroyd)
Lino print on paper
Dieter – Unknown Young Man (after Raphael)
Lino print on paper
Jo Melhuish – Portrait inspired by ‘Young Raphael’ family etchings
Graphite on paper
Jo Melhuish – Portrait inspired by ‘Young Raphael’ family etchings
Pen and ink on paper
Jo Melhuish – Study of Rembrandt Self Portrait
Pen & ink on paper 
Jane Goddard -Self portrait – inspired to try the young Rembrandt
Graphite on paper
Jane Goddard – Experimental Self Portrait, ‘lockdown blues’.
Acrylic on paper
JC – Allium seeds (Inspired by textile collection  Ashmolean Museum)
Bamboo pen , ink and watercolour on paper
JC – Covid chronicles (inspired by Rembrandt drawings in Ashmolean  and Guardian news paper)
Bamboo pen , ink and collage
Sylvie Fenton – Who Is Watching Whom?
Collage and acrylic on paper