Art Project course gallery No. 17

Art Project: Inspired by Giacomo Balla / Move It!

This week’s we wished Italian artist Giacomo Balla a very Happy 149th Birthday and took inspiration from his work and in particular how he depicts motion through sequences – duplicating forms, multiple contours, overlaying colours and shapes and exploring shifts in colour and scale. His work is often associated with the Futurists who shared his interest in depicting a more dynamic visual experience when looking at a static painting and who wanted to celebrate the increasing amount of technology appearing in early 20th century society – from cars and mechanical machinery to photography, cinema and the visual experience resulting from travelling at speed.

Here’s a selection of artwork and prepatory studies made by some of the Art Project course artists taking part in the project.

Look out for another gallery of work coming soon…

JC – Pharoah the Whippet on the Beach
Watercolour and ink on paper

JC – Peak District trees in Winter Westerly Wind
Watercolour on paper

JC – Maram Grass, Northumberland Coast
Watercolour on paper

JC – Swallows
Lino cut and art graph water soluble block on paper

Lorna Howell – Running Chicken

Lorna Howell – Startled Dove
Acrylic on sugar paper

Lorna Howell  – Racing Pigeon’s Flying Finish
Acrylic and pastel

Lorna Howell – Seagull Dance (after Arthur Dove)
Lorna Howell – Social Isolation – Surprisingly Hectic!
Ink on paper
Harriet – Flight (Study)
Digital photo of acrylic lino-cuts

Harriet – Flight (Study II)
Acrylic and paper (lino-cut)

Harriet – Flight (Study III)
Acrylic linocut on paper

Harriet – Storm I
Acrylic and newsprint on paper

HarrietStorm II
Acrylic and newsprint on paper

Maurice – Photons Are The Speed Of Light
Digital image

Maurice – Rain, Speed and Eurostar
Acrylic on paper
Maurice – The Road to Barry
Jane – Moving Bus
Paula – Once Upon A Time in the V&A…

Dieter – Let’s Keep Moving
Multiple lino prints on paper

Dieter – Are You Dancing?
Acrylic on paper

Dieter – Icarus
Lino print on paper
Lynn Laws – Spirals (inspired by Bridget Riley)
Acrylic sgraffito
Lynn Laws – Dancing Skirt II
Acrylic sgraffito
Lynn Laws – Dancing Skirt I
Acrylic monoprint
Lynn Laws – Come About (After Balla)
Acrylic on paper
Chris – A Fishy Tail
Acrylic on paper
Chris – Chasing My Hat
Jill – Spin Cycle
Ink and watercolour on paper
Jill – Sketch for American War Memorial
Graphite on paper
Jill – Frustration
Jill- Riding Out The Storm

Sylvie Fenton – Souvenir de Baleines – Equateur 2019 I
Watercolour and ink on paper

Sylvie Fenton – Souvenir de Baleines – Equateur 2019 II
Watercolour and ink on paper
Hilary – Many Movements (One inspired by Gwen John)
Acrylic and eyebrow pencil on paper

Christie Archer – The Chase I
Acrylic on tinted paper

Christie Archer – The Chase II
Acrylic on tinted paper

Vanda – Racing Porsche
Acrylic and pastel on paper