Art Project course gallery No. 11

Art Project: On your bike…

This week’s brief coincided with World Bicycle Day which falls annually on June 3. Established in 2019, it’s a day to celebrate the benefits of bike-riding with organisers using the occasion to highlight the benefits of riding a bike as well as promote the need to improve cycle paths, signage and rider safety. In light of the ongoing pandemic, the bike has also become a popular mode of transport for people when taking their daily exercise as well as avoiding public transport.

Here’s a selection of artwork and prepatory studies made by some of the Art Project course artists taking part in the project.

Look out for another gallery of work coming soon…

Jill T – Brother’s Folded Brompton
Ink on paper

Jill T – Winner of Naked Bike Race
Ink and crayon on paper

Jill T. – Tour de France Pile Up
Watercolour on paper

Sylvie – Les Triplettes de Belleville (inspired by the poster of the movie)

Watercolour on paper

Vanda – Salad Days
Acrylic and pencil on paper

Maurice – Sella Ronda Cycle Race, Dolomites.
Ink, watercolour and digital formatting
Maurice – Leader of the Pack
Ink and digital formatting
Maurice – Piet’s Pedals
Digital drawing

John Cutler – In All Weathers
Acrylic and collage

Hilary – Family Day Out On Their Bikes
Acrylic on paper

Jo Melhuish – Wheee!
(After Zacharevic – known for street art in Penang, Malaysia)
Acrylic on paper

Dieter – Penny Farthing

Graphite on paper

Dieter – Lonely Bicycle

Pencil, charcoal, soft pastel and acrylic on paper

Dieter – Gathering
Charcoal on paper
Dieter – Before The Race
Charcoal on paper

Dieter – Mountain Tour

Charcoal on paper
Harriet – Bike Ride I
Digital print (ink on photo-collage of photocopied photos and text)
Harriet – Bike Ride II
Digital print (photo-collage of photocopied photos and text)

Harriet – Bike Ride III
Digital print (acrylic and ink)

Harriet – Tracks
Acrylic on paper and clay
Lynn Laws – Along for the Ride
Acrylic & ink on paper
Lynn Laws – Broken Chain
Mixed media collage
Lynn Laws – Blue Wheels
Acrylic & graphite on paper
Lynn Laws – Bicycle Made For Two
Graphite and pastel on paper
Chris Plum – Well Wheely!
Wax pastel on paper

Chris Plum – Cycling Confusion
Wax pastel and digital images

Jane Goddard – A Tangle of Bicycles
Acrylic and ink on paper
JC – Belle’s First Bike
Watercolour on paper

JC – Learning to Turn
Watercolour on paper

JC – Re-Cycle , New Direction post-Covid 19
Paper collage with acrylic bubblewrap print on found map

Christie Archer – Christie’s Bike of Many Parts!
Watercolour, ink, pastels, coloured pencils, cardboard cut out, tin foil, straw
on coloured paper