Art Project course gallery No. 16

Art Project: Hats Off To You

This week’s brief centred around hats and their wearers…

Artists have responded to hats in a number of ways – from depicting them as essential parts of uniform or armour, a symbol of regal or spiritual power or indication of social class and current taste. Hats can alter the shape of the face and head and affect how much light is being cast on the wearer – subsequently some artworks focus on the obscuring and abstracting abilities of a hat or headgear. Artists could also respond to the form of a hat, the parts that make up the hat, positive and negative shapes that you can see or a hat’s construction / deconstruction or marks, colours and textures found in the materials and textures that make up a hat…

Here’s a selection of artwork and prepatory studies made by some of the Art Project course artists taking part in the project.

Look out for another gallery of work coming soon…

Dieter – Salome (after E. Maetzel)
Lino print on paper
Dieter – The Pipe Seller (after a Chinese watercolour)
Lino print on paper
Dieter – Man with a Ring (after F del Cossa)
Lino print on paper

Jill – Giant Sun Hats
Ink on paper

Jill – Girl Guide Beret (Memories of Camp)

Jill – Woman in a green hat (After Picasso)
Ink and crayon on paper

Jane Goddard – Hats For All Seasons
Acrylic and ink on paper
Chris  – Famous Hats
Chris – What Would Eve Do Without A Hat?

Hilary – Mad Hatters’ Tea Party (Apologies to Picasso’s Man with
Straw Hat)

Acrylic on paper

Maurice – American Goths Go Partying
Digital collage

Maurice – Happy Days (Samuel Becket)

Maurice- Dear Blaue Hut
Maurice – Der Blaue Hut on Futurist Background
Acrylic on digital background
Paula – Hats On! Brighton Beach 1927 and 2020
Digital photo (Using B & W original + colour photo from local newspaper)

Sylvie Fenton – Chapeau! Hats off!
Collage on acrylic painted paper

John Cutler – Spanish Doll with Head Dress
Acrylic and charcoal

John Cutler – Remembering Times Past
Acrylic on paper

John Cutler – Feathers In Your Hat
Collage, graphite and ink

John Cutler – Ascot Soirée
Felt tip and watercolour

Lynn Laws – Alexander McQueen Butterfly Hat
Collage: acrylic on paper on acrylic

JC – Pink Hat For Sale

Watercolour on paper
JC – Ascot Hats

Watercolour on paper
JC – Raining (After Patrick Walker Duffy)
Watercolour on paper
JC – Hat good enough to eat
Pastel on paper
JC – Still-life hats
Charcoal and pastel on paper
Harriet – Hat shop (after Wayne Thibaud)
Acrylic, charcoal and paper on paper
Harriet – Hat Store I
Acrylic on paper
Harriet – Hat Store II (After Keith Haring)
Acrylic on paper
Lorna Howell – Party Hat
Lorna Howell – John’s Favourite Hat
Pen and watercolour
Lorna Howell All Weather Hats
Lorna Howell – Vietnamese Hat
Collage and acrylic
Lorna Howell – Summer Garden Hat