Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: Before and After…

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Christie – Seasons – Autumn to Winter
 Christie – Destruction- Old to New
Pen & wash
Adriana Falcone – Autumn (Left) + Winter (Right)
Jill Chatterton – Taking The Path Through Change
Acrylic on paper
Sophie Forel –  Summer 2022 colours
Pastels and coloured pencils
Sophie Forel – Antenatal feeding, postpartum feeding
Pastel and coloured pencils
Lindsey – A Rose!
Lindsey – Much Wanted.  Much Loved
Graphite on paper
Dieter – A bit fishy in Cassis
Graphite on paper
Maria – Eat me, eaten……
Graphite and pastels

Jane Goddard – The basics: our daily bread
Pastels on paper

Jan – Interpretation

Acrylic on paper

Hilary – You Can Go Off Blondes! 

Acrylic on paper

Hilary – Now You See Them, Now You…

Acrylic on paper

Clare – The Lifecycle of a Bruise
Acrylic on paper
Jane – Past and present at the table

Collage and pen

Jane – Past and present at the table 

Conte crayon, pen and collage

Jane – Past and present at the table

Watercolour and pen

Jan D – Letters to meaning
Acrylic on paper & felt tip pen

Jan D – Marks & Letters to beauty. A Doodle on paper
Acrylic paint & felt tip pen

Harriet Contriving a metamorphosis – Daphne
Paper, card, hawthorn leaves, mixed metal, plastic

Harriet – Contriving a metamorphosis – Lycaon
Paper, tin foil, wood, rose thorn

Harriet – Contriving a metamorphosis – Actaeon
Card, lichen, metal