Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: Begin With An Image

Artists were invited to take inspiration from this image:

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Kate Fabian – Self portrait (in progress)
Ink on paper
Clare – Frances
Mixed Media
Francesca Wilkes – Untroubled
Graphite and collage on paper
Francesca Wilkes – Wrapped in Africa
Graphite and cotton scarf on paper
Francesca Wilkes – African Dreams
Acrylic on canvas
Theresa – Biba 1970s  – Gold and Opulence
Ink on card
 Theresa  – Strength and Power
Acrylic, watercolour and ink on card
Theresa – Beauty Inside and out
Watercolour, ink and collage on paper
Adriana – Women looking over shoulder
Adriana – Lucrezia Borgia, the Evil Lady

Eleanor Davies – The Lady

 Eleanor Davies – The Brown House

Lindsey – You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Acrylic and watercolour

Larraine – Disco
Acrylics on paper, collage, ink & digital filtering

Sylvie Fenton – Pareos market in Mataiea Tahiti


Sylvie Fenton – Waiting for Gauguin

Acrylic paint and collage

Jill Chatterton – Beautiful Girl in white dress!
Acrylic on paper
Jill Chatterton – Wallpaper, Seventies style!
Acrylic on paper
Cate Scott – O Michelle, what an outfit!
Mixed media collage on card using found images, handmade paper, graphite and silvered foam
Pauline – Marilyn I
Ink on photocopy of part of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych
Pauline – Marilyn II
Ink on photocopy of part of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych
Pauline – Black and Orange
Charcoal and Conte pastel on paper

Christie – Queen Tina

Christie  – Tina award at the palace
Christie  – Tina – Simply the best
Coloured paper cut outs

Maria – Shoes and handbags…

                       Pamela – Trip Through Life – No. 1 Career       
Watercolour paper and paint, pencil.
Pamela – Trip Through Life No 2 – Retirement
Acrylic paper and paint, tiny glitter, photocopied banner
Pamela – Trip Through Life No 3 – The Third Age
Collage, glue, emery paper, cut out person, pencil, tiny beads, real weed.
Jean Fox – Big Hair Day
Acrylic, graphite, and collage on paper
Dieter – A big night out I
Drypoint print on paper
Dieter – A big night out II
Drypoint print and watercolour on paper
Hilary – Roots, rock, red.

Kente cloth collage plus mixed media

Ken – My Happy Place
Collage and acrylic on paper
Ken – My Happy Place II (work in progress)
Graphite on paper