Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: Begin With an Image

Artists were invited to respond to the image below.

Here are artworks by some of our Art Studio course artists…

Cate Scott – Je T’Adore
Pen and ink on paper
Cate Scott – a series entitled Les chatte: six de meilleurs.  A series of ‘six of the best’ cats in action
Pen and ink on paper
Cate Scott – Circles of Your Mind
Pen, ink and watercolour (Inktense) on paper
Sophie – Dinner time for Tiddles
Coloured pencils on paper
Sophie – The cat that walked by Himself.
Gouache, tissue paper,  acrylic on paper
Adriana – Cats Sitting By The Window
Acrylic on paper
Adriana – Kitten Sitting on the Doorstep
Acrylic on paper
Hilary – Welcome to the Cats’ Hotel
Mixed media on paper
Clare – Cat on a staircase
Acrylic & paper collage

Phoebe Fennell – Watching cat
Brush watercolour pens, fine liner

Phoebe Fennell – Waiting cat
Brush watercolour pens, fine liner
Francesca Wilkes – Climb Trees not Stairs
Acrylic on canvas
Martine Micallef – Cat on a staircase, Santa Ana Hotel, Seville, Spain
Acrylic on canvas
Amanda – Sketches
Graphite on paper

Amanda – Leaving the Scene (work in progress)
Acrylic on paper

Pauline – A different cat
Conte pastel on Canson

Pauline – Manhattan brownstone with cat and stairs
Pen and ink on cartridge paper

Pauline – A different staircase
 Pen & ink and wash on heavy paper
Christie  – Atrani steps, Amalfi coast
Watercolour and gouache


Anne Boyd – Watching the world go by
Graphite on paper
Ken – Now, where was I going?
Acrylic on paper
Lindsey – The body is in the boot!
Lindsey – Cornish Steps I
Pen and wash
Lindsey – Cornish Steps II
Watercolour on paper
Jill Chatterton – The Beach in Moonlight 
Acrylic on paper
Jill Chatterton  – Shadows on the Wall
Charcoal on paper


KAT – What’s behind the doors?