Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: Gone to the Dogs…

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Maria – Brizo, A Shepherds Dog (after Rosa Bonheur)
Graphite and watercolour

Jill Chatterton – Every Dog has its Day and today is mine!
Acrylic on paper

Jill Chatterton – It’s a Dog’s Life
Acrylic on paper
Clare – Milo
Newspaper and tissue paper collage
Moira – Sam
Graphite on paper
Moira – My boy and 2 dogs (Kelly and Lucy!) on holiday (work in progress)
Graphite on paper
Sophie – Mia, my Qigong teacher’s dog watching the class
Acrylic on paper
Sophie – My milkman Bernese mountain dog at work, 1965.
Soluble watercolour pencils on paper

Larraine  – Don’t move…… got you covered
Acrylic on paper

Larraine – Bijou Residence – Needs Modernising  + I Always Fit Into A Size 8
Acrylic on paper
Jane Goddard – Gina
Lindsey – Rowlf Dog Doo-Dah Band
Watercolour and ink on paper

Lindsey – A Window on the World
Watercolour and acrylic

Lindsey – Westie
Graphite on paper

Jan – Little Devil
Graphite on paper

Jan – Shaggy Dog Story
Graphite on paper

Vali – I’ve Been Good
Graphite on paper

Vali – Hound Dog
Watercolour on paper

Jane H. – Let Off The Leash I
Watercolour and acrylic

Jane H. – Let Off The Leash II

Jane H – Caretaker fends off dog in the playground
Ink and charcoal
Dieter – Thin dog
Monoprint and ink on paper
Dieter – The Loving Couple
Monoprint and ink on paper
Dieter – Sharp Teeth
Monoprint and ink on paper
Jan D – ‘Matching’ dog
Inktense water colour pencils on paper
Jan D – Line Dog (Inspired by Picasso’s dog)
Graphite and gel pen on paper
Jan D – Dogs’ Gallery: ‘Thoughtful Annabelle’ – Unfinished pencil drawing of Annabelle from her photo /  ‘Picasso’s dog’
Line drawing pencil and gel pen on paper (after Picasso’s Le chien drawing) / Three dogs: A royal (loyal) dog,  A red (hot) dog, A watch dog- Inktense drawings on paper
Christie  – How much is that doggie in the window?
Watercolour and paper stencil

Christie – Wavy Whippet
Ink on paper

Christie  – Dotty Dalmatian
Graphite on paper