Art Studio course gallery

Brief: Falling

Artists were invited to respond to ideas around falling…

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists from both the studio-based and online Art Studio course…

Jan Graham – Whoops (Splash)
Acrylic on paper

Jan Graham – Cats Don’t Need Rescuing
Acrylic on paper

Jane G. – Falling Apart
Acrylic and ink on paperr

Paula – Fallen  Rose
Acrylic on paper and plastic

Paula – Fallen  Paper
Acrylic on paper and plastic

Lynn Laws – Waterfall
Acrylic on paper

Lynn Laws – Raining Again!
Graphite on paper

Henry and Lynn Laws – Dancing Leaves
Acrylic on paper
Sandra Fawcett – Deciduous
Watercolour and pastel on paper
Diana Boydell – Autumn leaves
Acrylic and watercolour pencil on paper


Harriet – Ways to Decay

Harriet – Fallen Apple
Polytych: four photographs

Harriet Hall – Expulsion
Paper, collage, ink and acrylic

Hilary – So Much for a Healthy Walk!
Acrylic on paper

Kate Fabian – I Fall Into Disgrace…
Watercolour, ink and graphite on paper

DieterDragonfly Broken Wings
Dry point print and acrylic on paper

DieterOphelia Jumping
Dry point print and acrylic

Jo Melhuish – Jump or Fall?
Watercolour on paper
Jane Harris – Fall From Grace
Ink and pastel
Jane Harris – Falling Statue
Ink and pastel on paper
Jane Harris – Fallen Tree
Pastel on paper
Maria Lewandowski – Falling I
Watercolour on paper
Maria Lewandowski – Falling II
Watercolour on paper