Art Studio course gallery

Brief: Inspired by Jim Dine / Tools of the Trade

Artists were invited to respond to the work of American contemporary artist Jim Dine and his depictions of tools and other hardware. They could work with a selection of supplied tools, their own tools or reference / found images…

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists from both the studio-based and online Art Studio course…

Jane Goddard – If I Had A Hammer
Acrylic on paper

Maria Lewandowski – Brush Strokes
Pastels and charcoal

Lynn Laws – Sculptor’s Tools
Graphite on paper

Lynn Laws – Glass Modelling Tools. Dad circa 1950
Montage: printed photos with graphite & charcoal drawing

Dieter – Tools
Dry point, soft pastel and acrylic wash on paper

Paula – Vegetable Slicers for a Left-hander I
Graphite on paper

Paula – Vegetable Slicers for a Left-hander II
Acrylic on paper

Paula – Vegetable Slicers for a Left-hander III
Oil pastel on paper
Jo Melhuish – Bits
Coloured pencil on paper

Jo Melhuish – Drill: Front & Back
Coloured pencil on paper


Jo Melhuish – Swedish Steel Chisels, 1960
Coloured pencil on paper

Hilary – Rehearsals Plus That Pesky Cat
Acrylic on paper

Harriet Hall – Sewing Machine I
Dress pattern paper and ink

Harriet Hall Sewing Machine II
Cloth, embroidery silk

Harriet Hall – Sewing Machine III
Cloth, embroidery silk, card, buttons, pipe cleaner, needle and plastic twine

Jane H – Leather Punch
Mixed media
Jane H – Untitled
Acrylic on paper
Sandra – Sandra’s Chip Tasting Cycle Tour
Mixed media
Barbara – Untitled I
Triptych: mixed media plus additional cut paper on top panel

Barbara – Untitled II
Triptych: mixed media

Barbara – Untitled III
Triptych: mixed media

Clare – Spanners
Coloured pencil & pastel on paper

Diana Boydell – After Jim Dine
Charcoal on paper

Diana Boydell – Years