Art Studio Online course gallery

Art brief: Create and Play with Yellow and Grey

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the Art Project course artists taking part in the project.

Look out for another gallery of work coming soon…

Lynn Laws – Yellow and Grey I
Acrylic & pastel

Lynn Laws – Yellow and Grey II
Lynn Laws – Yellow and Grey III

Clare – Shattered
Paper collage and wax crayon

Harriet – Morning Dragon
Collage, card, wire

Harriet – Evening Dragon
Collage, card, wire

Harriet – Dragon Exploding
Collage from digital photographs
Chris – The Owl
Charcoal and acrylic
Chris – Even Stars Love Their Marigolds
Photo collage with charcoal and objet trouve

Chris – The Pines
Charcoal and acrylic

Jane – After Sean Scully
Collage and paint

Jane – Landscape
Jane Wasted
Charcoal and graphite
Dieter – Melancholy
Graphite, charcoal and soft pastel on paper
Dieter – Abstraction Grey & Yellow 07
Mono print and ink on paper
Dieter – Follow the Road
Lino print and soft pencil on paper
Maurice –  Colour Study
Watercolour, acrylic, gouache on graded charcoal and digital background

Maurice – Carreg Cennen Castle
Watercolour and graphite

Maurice – Carreg Cennen Castle
Gouache and ink
Kate Fabian  – Pantone colours of 2021 #1: What’s in the craft box?
Paper, foam, plastic, wood and foil on paper.
Kate Fabian  – Pantone colours of 2021 #2: Collage into painting
Watercolour and pencil on paper
Kate Fabian  – Pantone colours of 2021 #3: Collage into drawing
Ink on paper
Sylvie – The yellow installation exhibition
Found cardboard box, collage and acrylics
Sylvie – Le tour du Faso
 Montage photographique et color pencil on used craft paper
Artist supplied text: 

The Tour du Faso is one of the world’s great cycle races. It covers 1,306 kilometres across Burkina Faso every October and has been won 15 out of the past 32 times by local Burkinabé teams since its inception in 1987. Until 1998 it was reserved for amateurs but since then it has been opened up to professionals and is now overseen by the Amaury Sport Organisation which also manages the Tour de France.

Sylvie -Nuit bleue
 Media not stated
Becky. E – Summertime
Acrylic on canvas

Becky E. – Lemon on a grey scarf
Graphite & Watercolour on Paper

Diana Boydell – Still life with lemon (inspired by Cezanne painting)
Pastel on paper
Diana Boydell – Sunflowers
Pastel on paper

Moira – Sunshine through my window
Watercolour on paper

Moira – Dappled sunshine (After Sorolla’s Sewing the Sail)
Watercolour on paper

Moira – Three’s a Crowd
Watercolour on paper

Hilary – Mouse & cheese
Acrylic on paper
Hilary – Oops, thought it was panettone!
 acrylic on paper
Jo Melhuish – Two brass jugs
Acrylic on paper
Jo Melhuish – Pewter milk jug
Acrylic on paper
Jo Melhuish – Junk on Dungeness Beach
Acrylic on paper

 Christie Archer – That Snowy Sunday in Pitshanger Park

Christie Archer –  Warm/Freezing – Sunrise/Icicles
Digital collage and charcoal pencil