Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: There Is Still Art, There Is Still Hope / Inspired by: Bob and Roberta Smith

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Jane H – Lifetime with Dyslexia (my son’s development through the years)
Ink, watercolour and acrylic on paper
Jane H – Kew always hopeful I
Conte crayon
Jane H – Kew always hopeful II
Collage from magazines and saved bits of printing
Hilary – Hope
Acrylic on paper
Hilary – More Hope
Acrylic on paper
Hilary – Hope I make it!
Acrylic on paper
Jane Goddard – Hope for the environment: tree planting at dawn
Watercolour on paper
Lindsey – To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow
Gouache and watercolour
Lindsey – The Ghost of COP27 –  the 1.5C target has died but hope for the climate lives on
Mixed media
Lindsey – Dreams of Tomorrow
Graphite on paper
Sophie – Hope: Storks as harbingers of new birth.
Watercolour on paper

Sophie – Hope for responsible energy
Watercolour on paper

Sophie – Hope for peace in a healthy planet
Watercolour on paper

Larraine – Was it hard ….. YES Was it worth it? DEFINITELY 
Collage & acrylic

Moira – Rain on the horizon
Watercolour on paper

Moira – When the rains return, the river returns
Watercolour on paper

Moira – Rain on Parched Earth
Watercolour on paper

Clare – At The End Of The Tunnel
Acrylic and pen

Clare – I See Hope As Yellow

Jan – “Hope is something you have to earn.” (Greta Thunberg)


Dieter – Wood and Hope

Wooden letters installation

Dieter – Friedrich Nietzsche Quote

Wood letter print on paper (installation)

Dieter – Hope and Dog
Dry point etching and wood letter print on paper
Jan D –  You choose ! (What means hope for you today)
Acrylic, gel pen and ‘post-it’ notes on paper
Jan D- Hope is ‘Shepherd’s delight, a red sky at night’
So tomorrow’s weather should be good!
Watercolour on paper
Jill Chatterton – A new dawn, a new day, the world keeps turning
Acrylic on paper
Jill Chatterton – Anyone for tea?

Acrylic on paper

Christie  – Where there’s life, there’s hope
Ink on card
Christie  – Light at the end of the tunnel