Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: The Power and the Glory

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Harriet – Napoleon Monkey
Plastic and metal toys, silk, card, photograph of Napoleon crossing the Alps painting by Jaques Louis David
Harriet – Carrie Antoinette
Harriet – Restoring the cracked cabinet 
Collage and ink
Hilary – Sufficient Power for the Whole UK. (We’ll have to wait for the glory)
Acrylic and ink on paper
Christie – ‘The Power and The Glory, for ever & ever, Amen’ – view of Norwich Cathedral through an arch at night.
Collage with newsprint and magazines
Maria – The Power and the Glory of Bygone Days
Watercolour and pencil
Lindsey – The Queen at Chelsea
Mixed media
Lindsey – The Lion King
Graphite on paper
Moira – I’m the King of the Jungle!
Graphite on paper
Moira – I’m the King of the jungle
Watercolour on paper

Moira – The Power at least (After Hazel Soan)
Watercolour on paper

Jill – The Power
Acrylic on paper

Jill – The Glory
Acrylic on paper

Val – Peasant woman (after Malevich)

Clare – Balance of Power l
Acrylic on canvas

Clare – Balance of Power ll
Acrylic on canvas

Kate Fabian – Volcano
Watercolour on Paper

Kate Fabian – Energy Producers
Ink on paper

Dieter – Ares

Drypoint print on paper

Dieter – Artemis
Drypoint print on paper
Sophie – Nature and man
Watercolour on paper
Sophie – Extinction rébellion 2019, in Oxford Circus
Watercolour on paper