Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: Purple Reign

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Moira – Little purple rooster!
Watercolour on paper
Moira – Past Glory
Watercolour on paper
Moira – Pansies
Watercolour on paper
Lindsey – Purple! 
Lindsey – Tulips 
Lindsey – Tools of the Trade
Jenik – Iris
Acrylic on paper
Jenik – Lavender Field
Acrylic on paper
Jenik – Wonderful Time
Acrylic on paper
Sophie – Nature morte with red cabbage

Sophie – Desmond Tutu
Graphite and acrylic paint

Dieter – Head VI (after Francis Bacon)
Drypoint Tetrapak print with chine collé on paper

Dieter – The Lute Player (after Caravaggio)

Drypoint TetraPak print with chine collé on paper

Dieter – Purple Haze

Drypoint Tetrapak print and chine collé on paper

Val – After Burne-Jones

Val – Yet another Purple Haze

Jo Melhuish – ‘The Mountains are Leaking’. Milford Haven in the Rain, New Zealand

Acrylic on paper

Jo Melhuish – ‘Sinister Ship’ at Milford Sound, New Zealand
Acrylic on paper
Jo Melhuish – Sunset over ‘The Remarkables’ Kangaroo Island, Australia
Acrylic on paper
Harriet – Summer sandals laid to rest
Leather shoes, silk, decayed natural objects
Harriet – Mountain scenery (after Mantegna) (after a photographic accident)
Board, paper, ink, gouache

Harriet – Wardrobe
Digital photo, ink, chalk, oil pastel

Amanda Colour contrasts
Collage with acrylic paint on purple paper

Amanda – Colour contrasts inspired by collage
Pastel on purple paper

Pauline – Bearded Iris
Watercolour on paper
Pauline – Still life with pomegranate and grapes
Pastel pencil on paper
Pauline – Purple Hazed diptych
Left panel – biro on paper;  right panel – photocopy and acrylic on paper
Hilary – Purple Haze
Acrylic on paper
Kate Fabian – Purple
Ink and pencil on paper
Clare – Random
Acrylic on paper
Clare – Purple Dog Stamps
Digital montage incorporating original artwork (acrylic & pencil)
Clare – Charlestonesque
Acrylic on paper
Gaby – An Altered Landscape of New Possibilities
Acrylic and graphite
Maria – Study of a Tree after Van Gogh
Pastels and charcoal
Maria – Purple cornflowers
Pastels and watercolour
Jane – My sister’s anemones
Water colour, acrylic and pens
Jane – Now that lilacs are in bloom  (TS Eliot)  No. 1
Pastels and Conte crayon
Jane – Now that lilacs are in bloom  (TS Eliot)  No. 2
Pastels and Conte crayon
Christie Archer – Sea view in West Scotland
 Christie Archer: £20.00 note
Purple biro and coloured pencil