Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: A Sticky End…

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Moira – Gumshoe!
Watercolour on paper
Moira – Stuck on a stormy sea
Watercolour on board
Moira – Sticky Fingers
Watercolour on paper
Pamela – A sticky end for a humble insect, caught by a chameleon
Watercolour and acrylic
Pamela – A sticky end, No insect was hurt in the making of this photograph.
Paper, sellotape, pool of glue, other sticky tape from parcels, sticky labels on food packets, security label, two insects, one whole butterfly and two spare wings, part of a spiders web with trapped leaves
Maria – A sticky end….
Watercolour and fine line pen
Lindsey – A Winters Day
Mixed media
Lindsey – The End
Mixed media
Harriet – Stuck – More or Less
Digital photograph
Harriet – Memory Breathing Under Ice
Mixed media
Harriet – Frozen Memories Defrosting
Mixed media (necklace, photograph, letter and ice)

Sophie – Frog meets a sticky end
Clay, acrylic paint, wooden box

Sophie – Sticky snail trail by moonlight
Painted paper collage

Clare – Autumn Burr
Masking tape and pastel on paper

Clare – Tape lines

Washi tape on paper

Becky – Sticky Toffee Apple
Watercolour on Paper

Becky – Challenge your Thinking
Ink on Sticky Note paper

Jan – Metaphor

Acrylic and pen

Christie Archer – Head over heels
Christie Archer – Villages to snigger at across England
Coloured paper and watercolour
 Christie Archer – Sport metaphors
Newsprint collage
Jane – Departures from sticky things collage
Watercolour, pens and pencil
Jane – Sketch for update on Sickert’s ‘Ennui’
Pastel and charcoal
Jane – Update on Sickert’s ‘Ennui’
Dieter – Rich and Poor
Lino print, watercolour and chine collé on paper
Dieter – The blue masked fighter

Lino print, watercolour and chine collé on paper

Val – Jam tart, jam and cherries
Jenik – The Kiss
Acrylic and metallic paint on paper
Pauline – Sticky diptych (with apologies to Wilhelm Sasnal)
Acrylic on acrylic paper
Pauline – Lost it’s stickiness
Graphite on paper
Pauline – Sticky fingers
Graphite on paper
Hilary – Sticky End
Mixed media
Hilary –  Ha..24 hours is a long time in politics!
Mixed media