Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: Taking The Rough with the Smooth…

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of our Art Studio course artists

Clare – Last Minute Doodle
Watercolour pencil on paper
Clare – Collage
Mixed media on paper
Clare – The Estuary at Low Tide
Mixed media on paper
Dieter – The Island I
Lino print on paper

Dieter – The Island II
Lino print on paper

Adriana – Autumn Leaves
Pastel on paper
Adriana – Untitled
Charcoal on paper
Adriana – Fruit
Pastel and charcoal on paper
Sophie – Bowl of fruit
Digital drawing: Art set on ipad
Sophie – Water in nature. Lake, snow, clouds.
Gouache on paper
Sophie – Water we use, solid,  liquid,  steam.
Digital drawing: Art set on ipad
Jo Melhuish – Pink shells in a Pink Box

Paper cutout / acrylics

Jo Melhuish – Four Stones with  Contrasting Textures

Paper cutouts/ acrylic paint, mounted on black card

Jo Melhuish – Single Stone amongst the Seaweed

Paper cutout/ acrylic paint set amongst black paper packaging

Jill Chatterton – Foxy Friends

Acrylic on paper

Ken Blythe – Fish
Acrylic on canvas

Vali – Sheep (After Henry Moore)
Graphite on paper

Vali – Laura
Charcoal on paper
Jane – A sense of time and place I
Ink and acrylic on paper
Jane – A sense of time and place II
Water soluble wax crayons on paper
Jane – Mystical landscape
Collage, water soluble wax crayons and acrylic on cardboard
Christie – Weathered Versus Glossy
Charcoal and pastels on paper
Christie – Cityscape


Christie – Mountains to the Sea

Hilary – I’m off for a scrumble..may as well!
Acrylic on paper

Jan D – Rough with the smooth
Modelling paste, heavy gel, acrylic paint on canvas
Jan D. – Blue and Green study (work in progress)
Dyed fabric, acrylic paint on paper placed on rag paper
Jan D – Texture studies, grey hair ! And shiny leaves
Pencil on paper
Moira – After Cezanne: Still life of apples (and other things!)
Watercolour on paper
Moira –  Attempting Noa
Graphite on paper
Moira – Fallen trees on a winter’s day
Watercolour on paper
Maria – Smooth, Rough, Rougher
Maria – Calm Before the Storm
Maria – A Bit Rough Round the Edges
Lindsey – Seed Heads
Acrylic on paper
Lindsey – Seed Head and Grasses
Acrylic on paper


Lindsey – Snowdonia
Watercolour, wax and clingfilm on paper
Jan – An Idea

Paper, acrylic, bits from the garden
Jan – Another Idea

Wood and acrylic