Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: All The 2s…

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Sophie – 2 puzzle pieces
Watercolour on paper
Sophie – It takes 2 to tango
Watercolour on paper
Sophie – Daily duel
Acrylic on paper
Janet Galpin – Takes 2 to Tango’ in the style of Matisse
Paper and card

Harriet – Two into Three (after Eric Gill)
Coloured pens, graphite, paper

Harriet – New partners on ice
Found photographs collage
Harriet – Exchanging Victoria
Found photographs collage and paper
Hilary – Some 2’s better than others
Acrylic on paper
Louella – Wide-Eyed
Louella – Romcom Meets Rugby
Louella – You’re Not Going Anywhere
Jenik – Night Lights
Acrylic on paper
Jenik – Winter Love Birds
Acrylic on paper
Adriana Falcone – Two Beautiful Birds
Adriana Falcone – Two Cozy Owls

Adriana Falcone – Early Spring

Moira – One way …
Soft pastels on paper

Moira – …Or Another
Oil pastels on paper

 Clare – One Missing
Photo collage

Clare – Two For Joy
Paper collage

Clare – A Pair
Pastel on paper

Pauline – Pair of pears
Mixed media (acrylic and pastel) on paper

Pauline – Two’s company
Conte pastels on paper
Pauline – Two tutus
Graphite on paper
Dieter – Let’s dance
Drypoint tetrapak print on paper
Dieter – She’s the one
Drypoint tetrapak print on paper
Dieter – Magicians (after Emile Nolde: Zauberer)
Drypoint tetrapak print on paper


Amanda – Lucy’s cows
Graphite and watercolour
Jane – Who’s for tennis?
Charcoal and Conte
Jane – Go Rafa!
Jane – On the way to Broadstairs
Watercolour and candlewax

Lindsey – Two seasons (inspired by Hockney)

Lindsey – Black and White

Jo MelhuishPaired shell fishing (after Rene-Yves Creston)
Acrylic on paper

Jo Melhuish – Fighting on the Beach (after Rene-Yves Creston)
Acrylic on paper
Maria – My better half
Maria – Two halves make a whole
Jan – Cha Cha
Acrylic on paper
Jan – Blue for Tea
Acrylic on paper
Christie – Tea for Two X 2 (I)
Christie – Tea for Two X 2 (II)
Christie – Sonny and Cher
Val – Twos connect empathically
Val – To The Power of 2
Watercolour and gouache