Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: Going Underground

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Jan D – Deep down, a miner at work
Charcoal on cartridge paper
Jan D – ‘It’s getting narrower’ underground exploring
Wax resist, modelling paste and acrylic paint and washes on acrylic paper
Ruth – Caving
Acrylic on paper
Jean Fox – Tunnel Vision
Acrylics on canvas board
Lindsey – The End of the Shift at Marine Colliery
Adriana – no title provided
Adriana – no title provided
Sophie – Smuggler Tunnel
Digital drawing: Artset on ipad
Sophie – Salt mine
Acrylic on paper
Sherry Banks – Tribute to Uncle Fred
Pastel and oil crayon on sugar paper
Francesca Wilkes – Guardian of the Sett
Acrylic on canvas board
Moira – In the bowels of the Earth
Soft pastel on paper
Moira – Contemplating Earth’s core?
Soft pastel on paper

Moira – There’s water down there
Watercolour on paper

Jan. G – Underground – WOW

Acrylic on paper

Jan G.- Underground Dervish
Acrylic on paper

Larraine – Strike
Acrylic and collage on paper

Larraine – As Much Underground as Above
Acrylic on paper

Jill Chatterton  – The Cave Dwellers of Matera

Acrylic on paper

Jill Chatterton – Underground World
Acrylic on paper
Clare – Ingleborough Cave
Collage on paper
Clare – Underground Art
Pastel and charcoal on paper
Eleanor D – Caving
Acrylic on paper
Kate F – Geology (work in progress)
Watercolour on paper
Kate F – Geology (sketch)
Ink pencil on paper
Dieter – Charon
Dry point etching on brown rag paper
Maria – Underground, overground…….
Ink on paper
Christie  – Escalator – Westminster tube
Charcoal on paper
Christie – Spiral staircase – Covent Garden tube
Oil pastel and watercolour on paper