Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: Up to Scratch…

Here are artworks by some of our Art Studio course artists…

Sophie – Dog having a scratch
Acrylic on air drying clay sculpture

Sophie – Happy Easter
Acrylic on boiled egg, scratched with an glass engraving tool

Sophie – Light at the end of Camden tunnel.
Black acrylic on white oil pastel, scratched with a compass

Victoria  – Nature Study I
Oil pastel and acrylic
Victoria  – Nature Study II
Oil pastel and acrylic
Lindsey – Fern
Acrylic and oil pastel on black paper
Lindsey – Herbs on a Tile
Oil pastel on black paper
Lindsey – Seed Heads
Oil pastel on black paper
Pauline – Annecy Veille Ville
Black oil pastel and white acrylic paint
on cartridge paper (using cocktail stick to draw)
Pauline – sketch book I
Left-hand page – top “Marilyn” scraperboard
                   bottom “Red squirrrel” scraperboard and coloured pencil.
Using scraperboard tools
Right-hand page – “Sandune”; soft and oil pastel on heavy watercolour paper
Using a scalpel
Pauline – sketch book II
Left-hand page – top “Collonade”; oil pastels   on heavy paper using scissors to scrape
bottom “Seed heads”; oil   pastels & black acrylic paint on heavy paper using cocktail stick
Right-hand page – top “Family”; black oil pastel & white acrylic paint on heavy paper using cocktail stick
                      bottom “Flowers”; oil pastels and black acrylic paint on heavy paper using palette knife to scrape
Christie – Flora and Fauna (including Maxi)
Oil pastel, acrylic and scratching
             Scraperboard (Maxi)
Christie – Seascapes
Watercolour and scratching
Maria – Salute to the Jurassic Coast
Watercolour using a craft blade
Maria – A Galapagos nod to Norman Ackroyd!
Acrylic using a craft blade
Maria – Scratching the Surface of Venice
Oil pastel using a chopstick for sgraffito effect

Ken – Having a whale of a time
Scratch board with craft knives

Ken – Playing with sgraffito
Scratch board with hand tools from my workshop

Ken – Scratch dogs
Oil pastels on paper
Anne Boyd – Exploring Scratching
Oil pastels and acrylic on card
 Francesca Wilkes – Dreamy Leaf
Layered oil pastels


Francesca Wilkes – Trippy
Layered oil pastels


Francesca Wilkes – Red Buds
Jill Chatterton – Pink Roses
Acrylic and crayons
Jill Chatterton – The River at Night
Acrylic and crayons


Jill Chatterton – Magnificent Magnolia 
Acrylic and crayons


Martine Micallef – Orchid
Oil pastels and Indian ink on paper
Martine Sheehan – My friend the dog
Exploring sgraffito with oil pastel on paper
Martine Sheehan – Fishing in the outback
Exploring sgraffito with  oil pastels on paper
Kathy AT – Experimenting with sgraffito 
Plaster on board, acrylic paint
Kathy AT – Experimenting with sgraffito
– acrylic over oil pastel
–  acrylic on board
 Ruth – Troglodyte dwellings in Turkey
Oil pastels & acrylic on paper
Cate – A selection of preparatory experiments, one finished piece (The Ugly Duchess No. III)
Scratchboard (purchased)
Cate – Garrowby Hill, No. III
Scratchboard (Ampersand, purchased)
Cate – Scratching in the Woods
Paper, acrylic paint, matt medium
Jane – Influenced by Jo and Ollie’s wedding picture 1993

Oil pastel

Jane – Cactus in Valencia
Oil pastel


Jane – Very untitled
Collage layers with acrylic and oil pastel