Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: The Body as a Vessel

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Harriet – The chambers of the heart
Crayon, paper, collage
Harriet – Home is where the heart is
Clay, found objects
Harriet – A heart of gold (work in progress)
Clay, nail varnish
Sophie – One François Forel after another
Watercolour, acrylic and felt tip on plain wooden Matryoshka dolls
Sophie – The youngest François
Watercolour, acrylic and felt tip on wooden support (coin shown to indicate scale)
Sophie – Gymnast full of muscles …and grace
Watercolour on paper
Jill Chatterton – Strength and Calm
Acrylic on paper
Jill Chatterton  – Strength and Joy
Acrylic on paper
Jo Melhuish – Mannequin inside-out
Acrylic on canvas
Adriana Falcone – Smoker
Pencil on paper

Adriana Falcone – Lady
Pencil on paper

Maria – Feeding the soul


Maria – 34 weeks…..(inspired by a drawing by Schiele)


Jane – It won’t be long, with nod to Zurbaran

Pen and Conte crayon

Jane – Just breathe

Collage, watercolour, pen

Jane – Memento Mori

Pen and watercolour

Christie  – Marathon Muscles 1
Graphite / ink (?) on tracing paper
Christie  – Marathon Muscles 2
Tracing paper, newsprint & coloured paper
Christie  – Marathon Muscles 3
Newsprint & coloured paper
Jan D – Beauty of muscles (From Gray’s Anatomy
Mr A K Maxwell)
Pencil on paper
Jan D – Topography of muscles (From Gray’s Anatomy
Mr A K Maxwell)
Pencil on paper
 Jan D. – Shadow of their former self. Loss of colour & vibrancy as Alzheimer’s disease progresses
Acrylic and pencil on paper
Clare – What Lies Beneath
Acrylic, Pencil and tracing paper
Hilary – I  knew he’d come in useful one day!
Acrylic on paper
Hilary – Nothing wrong with his inner soul/sole. Taste in underwear, however…
Acrylic on paper with collage underpants
Moira – Carrying it all
Watercolour on paper
Moira – Baby carriers
Watercolour on paper