Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: Wash and Go….

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Amanda – Nude with basin
Watercolour pencils and graphite
Amanda – Nude by pool
Watercolour pencils and graphite
Adriana Falcone – Having Fun At The Seaside
Adriana Falcone – Daily Routine
Adriana Falcone – Running Water

Dieter – Nice Shower

Mono print on paper
Pauline – Now wash your hands
Pen and ink on paper
Pauline – Hair
Charcoal on paper
Pauline – Solitude
Graphite and soft pastel on paper
Moira – Inshallah
Watercolour on paper

Moira – Washing day!
Watercolour on paper

Val – Onsen Japan

Val – Forest Bathing Kew

Sophie – Scrubbing a elephant in Thailand
Watercolour on a postcard

Clare – Spin Dry

Digital drawing

Lindsey – Washing Techniques!

Lindsey – Washday
Charcoal on paper

Louella – Bathing the homeless 1927
Louella – Hand wash
Jane – Washing up
Ink and watercolour
Jane – Tenement washing line
Ink and wash, collage
Jane – Ealing washing line
Ink and Conte crayon


Kate Fabian – Wash & Go
Ink on paper
Kate Fabian – Washing baskets
Pencil on paper
Christie – Now hands that do dishes can feel as soft as your skin, with mild green Fairy Liquid
Coloured paper, tinfoil & coloured pencil collage
Harriet – Sahara Dust
Digital photograph collage
Harriet – Finding Odysseus
Photograph (Attic vase, c 440 BCE), mud
Janet – Study (still needing a bit more practice!!)
Janet – A message’ inspired by ‘wool sustainability!
Pastel and marker