Art Studio course gallery 

Assignment: This Woman’s Work / Inspired by Caroline Walker

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists taking part:

Harriet – A woman’s work: cleaning the loo
Embroidery canvas, embroidery silk, cotton thread, pins

Harriet – A woman’s work: chiropody
Cloth, embroidery silk, cotton thread, needle
Harriet – A woman’s work: mathematics of knitting
Medical lint cloth, embroidery silk, cotton thread
Moira – This woman’s work – hammering the message home I
Graphite on paper

Moira – This woman’s work – hammering the message home II
Ink on paper

Moira – This woman’s work – hammering the message home III
Watercolour on paper

Jane – Heavy Laden
Conte crayon

Jane – Kitchen floor
Conte crayon
Jane – Many Hands
Conte crayon

Jo Melhuish – Women’s Work with Chicken Man
Acrylic on paper

Lindsey – A Geisha Viewing Her Audience
Lindsey – Women at a Market in Guatemala
Val – Women at Work
Jenik – A mum and baby
Jenik – A woman harvesting
Hilary – Women’s Work
Acrylic on paper

Sophie – Changing life/work balance, home office
Pastels and watercolour

Sophie – Valérie de Gasparin 1813-1894 who founded the world’s first secular nursing school. One of my famous ancestors!
Ink on paper

Maria – The Lady With The Lamp
Pencil, charcoal, Conté

Dieter – On Top of the World

Drypoint Tetrapak print on paper

Dieter – The Sewing Machine

Dry point Tetrapak print on paper

Dieter – A Seamstress’s Pair of Scissors

Drypoint Tetrapak print on Paper

Clare – It Never Ends
Conte Crayon
Louella – Women at work
Ink on watercolour paper
Louella – Aunt Julia: Firewoman and war artist
Jan – Mum WW2
Jan – Cricket on the Wireless 


Adriana Falcone – Working Ladies
Amanda – Sketch for Make-up artist preparing Radames
for Royal Opera’s Aida
Graphite, ink and Pentel
Amanda – Attaching Amneris’s headdress for Aida
Graphite and watercolour
Pauline – Homage to Eileen Gray (from found images)
Charcoal and ink
Pauline – ‘Anything you can do …..’
Graphite on paper
Pauline – Love and Protection
Watercolour and charcoal on paper
Christie  – Women’s rights! Down with kitchen slavery!
Ink and watercolour