Life Drawing and Painting home study course gallery – No. 2

Assignment: Arnold Genthe’s Autochromatic nudes…

Our starting point this week were a selection of nudes taken by the American-German photographer, Arnold Genthe (1869-1942). A self-taught photographer, Genthe’s photographs of nude women were, according to Genthe, the first colour photographs to be shown in America. Genthe began experimenting with the pioneering, elaborate Autochrome photographic technique in 1905 – this involved adding colour to the photographic print through the use of glass plates with dyed red, green and blue starch grains as well as some additional colour filters. The result are photos printed onto glass plates that required a strong light to view them (often a light box, magic lantern or stereoscope were used). Colours and forms appearing hazy and transparent in places and affectionally known as ‘the colour of dreams’…

Here’s a selection of artwork and prepatory studies made by some artists taking part in the session.

Look out for another gallery of work coming soon…

Pauline – Contemplation
Charcoal on paper
Pauline – Blossoms
Graphite and watercolour on paper
Jill – Taken Apart
Collage: oil pastel on paper
Jill – Point That Toe
Pastel on paper
Sophie – Just Out Of Bed
Watercolour and water soluble coloured pencils on paper
Diana Boydell – After Arnold Genthe’s ‘Nude Dancer’

Watercolour on paper
Diana Boydell – After Arnold Genthe’s ‘Autochrome Nude Study’
Watercolour on paper

Mario Lautier Vella – The Androgen
Ink on paper

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