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Assignment: Naga Sadhus

Our starting point were the nude Hindu devotees known as naga sadhus.

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by artists taking part in the session.

Wendy Freeman – Maha Kumbh Mela Festival
Watercolour pencil

Wendy Freeman – Sadu (work in progress )
Soft pastel and charcoal

Jane – Remote…
Acrylic on paper
Diana Boydell – Naga Sadhu I
Watercolour on paper
Diana Boydell – Naga Sadhu II
Watercolour on paper
Amanda Holloway – Quick sketch of three sadhus
White charcoal
Amanda Holloway – Brightly coloured sadhu
Pastel and charcoal
Amanda Holloway – Sadhu with crown
Coloured pencil and white charcoal
Pauline – Sadhu I
Graphite & coloured pencil on paper
Pauline – Sadhu II
Graphite on paper
Pauline – Sadhu III
Graphite on paper