Learn to Draw Portraits course gallery 

Session 9 assignment – exploring different portrait drawing techniques

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists:

Louella – Kiss Me Quick
Watercolour/blind drawing
Louella – Neckless wonder
Fine liner on cartridge paper/continuous line

Louella – Baba who?
Charcoal and chalk

Dieter – Clive and James
Ink on paper
Dieter – Sisters
Ink on paper
Dieter – Brothers
Ink and charcoal on paper

Vanda – Man in turban
Ink and acrylic on paper

Vanda – Woman 9
Charcoal and ink on paper

Vanda – Girl 8
Ink and acrylic on paper

Sophie – no 12
Charcoal on paper

Sophie – no 9
Ink on paper
Pauline – Study I
Charcoal on paper

Pauline – Study II
Watercolour on paper

Pauline –  Study III- continuous line;
Biro on paper

Jill – Hoopla
Charcoal on paper

Jill – Squiggles
Ink and charcoal on paper

Jill – Blind Drawing
Ink on paper

Janet – Miniatures
Watercolours and pastel on watercolour paper

Janet – No 11
Watercolour and pastels

Janet – No 10
Watercolour and pastel

Sylvie Fenton – Regard de l’homme au turban
Charcoal on drawing paper

Sylvie Fenton –  L’homme au turban dans le journal

Charcoal on  newspaper