Learn to Draw Portraits course gallery 

Session 10 assignment – end of course workshop

Here’s a selection of artwork and studies made by some of the course artists:

Sophie – River, 4 year old
Watercolour and watercolour pencils
Sophie – Olivia 8 year old

Sophie – River from memory
iPad digital drawing 

Sylvie Fenton – Cri
Found image sewn on canvas under tulle and embroidery

Sylvie Fenton – Repression
Found image burned; acrylic and ink

Sylvie Fenton – Qui suis-je?
Collage found image
Janet – Untitled I
Watercolour and pastel on watercolour paper

Janet – Untitled II
Pastel/charcoal on cartridge paper

Jill – Naughty Nephew
Graphite on paper

Jill – Tricorn hat (after John Duncan Fergusson)
Graphite on paper

Jill – Glasgow Girl (after Joan Eardley)
Pastel on paper
Pauline – Lucien
Soft pastel & pastel pencil on watercolour paper

Pauline – Pablo
Soft pastel on watercolour paper

Pauline – Pedro
Coloured pencil on paper

Louella – Gus I
Graphite on paper

Louella – Gus II
Watercolour pencil and paint on paper

Dieter – Man in white suit / variable edition

Lino print with chine collé on paper

Dieter – Woman with blue hair 1/2
Lino print on paper (two colour reduction)