Life Drawing and Painting home study course gallery – No. 9

Assignment: Pierre et Gilles

This week’s brief centres on the work of contemporary French photography artists Pierre et Gilles whose fine art and commercial photography is influenced by contemporary pop culture and the pair’s Catholic upbringing. The kitsch style, colours and techniques found in early and mid-20th century Catholic art, as well as a love of Hindu iconography defines their aesthetic, with the couple swapping the sacred for the secular as they turn celebrities into saints or present sugary, sexually-charged encounters.

Their work often involves elaborate sets, costumes and lighting set ups, with extensive post-production techniques including airbrushing and hand-painting adding the final kitsch touches – the resulting work swings from the camp to the crass, erotic to ironic.

Here’s a selection of artwork and prepatory studies made by some artists taking part in the session.

Look out for another gallery of work coming soon…

Louella – MAGA
Mixed media on paper
Pauline – Mercury
Graphite on paper
Jill T. – Barbie With Snake in the Grass
Ink and pastel on paper

Jill. T – Mercury
Watercolour on paper
Mario Lautier Vella – L-Amerika
Graphite and coloured pencil on paper

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